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Furry article in Bizarre magazine

Today it was pointed out to me that there was an article about furries in the magazine Bizarre. I thought to myself, "oh great, another article about the bad side of the fandom." However I went out during my break and purchased a copy of the magazine because I wanted to read just what it said. I was very surprised. The article did not focus on the darker aspects of the fandom at all, and in fact showed us in a very nice light, mainly due to the fact that the reporter writing the article had been hanging out and talking with London Furs and had not sought out extreme individuals. To show what I mean here are a few exerts from the article, word for word :

"They're people who enjoy the concept of blending animal with human characteristics, and celebrate related art, literature and entertainment."

"For a limited number of furries, this interest has a sexual slant - and in the past the press has focused on extreme cases to create sensationalist stories."

"Yet radical furvert make up only a small minority of the hude internation Furry movement and assumptions spread by biased reporting have unfortunatly put a Watership Downer on the relatively innocent activities of the majority."

The article then goes on to describe the reporter's time spent with a group of furries as well as well as broaching many of the topics that the fandom is interested in.
I honestly recommend to anyone who can get it, to go out a grab a copy of this months Bizarre magazine and read an article with a difference that goes to show that the fandom is being accepted more and more by the world at large.
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