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For some time now, both my furmeets and fursuit galleries had been exploited resulting in corruption in the database. This meant to fix the problem, I'd either have to recover a backup I didn't have or start from scratch. All the photos themselves are intact so I've not lost anything, just means rebuilding the gallery.

I've started to do this with the Gallery where I've rebuilt the photos of my fursuits. However it seems a bit bare just having photos of my own suits there. The new software which I've installed is infinitely better than Coppermine and is really easy to use. There's like a million different ways of uploading photos to the site including a downloadable application which logs into your account and you can upload from that directly. Using that software, you can queue up photos for multiple albums meaning when I get to doing's gallery, it won't be so much of a chore, just be the actual process of uploading which is slow but at least I can go away and leave it to do it's thing.

Anyway, the software is built in such a way that new users can register and once authed (by me manually as this was part of the reason why the site got exploited last time), they can create their own albums and photo collections. As such, if anyone from the UK wants a handy, easy to use location to showcase their fursuit photos on a site with a high profile URL, then feel free to register and get uploading!

The URL to visit is (and yes, I do plan to renovate the main site at some point too)
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