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Fursuiters UK

Just thought I'd put a gentle reminder in as I expect my previous post didn't get much visibility due to Confuzzled being on and Anthrocon quickly coming up afterwards at the time of posting.

I've recently brought the gallery back from the dead in it's new form at also with a new name, Fursuiters UK. The gallery allows for UK fursuiters to register for a free account and upload photos of their fursuits to the site to share with anyone who visits the site. Ultimately, the goal is to have a site where people can visit and see photos of the UK fursuiters out there.

Anway, if you're interested, get on over to and sign up :)
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did so earlier ^^ and will definitely be keeping my gallery updated with pics!
Just tried to sign up but it wouldn't let me. Says I have to 'type the word appearing in the picture'. But there's no picture and no word, just a grey box.
Hmm, no idea why that may happen, it should show a grey box with 6 digits in it. Basically an anti-bot mechanism. What browser are you using out of interest? I just tested with Firefox 2, 3 and IE6 and all seem to show the number correctly. As the picture is all greyscale, I suppose it is possible that the greybox you're seeing is correct but you're running in low colour mode or have some other odd setting with your brightness/colour. Just clutching at straws tho really.