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UK Fursuiting's Journal
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Wednesday, July 15th, 2009
3:01 pm
Faux Fur

I've been trying to find some dark green faux fur and it's proving quite difficult.
I'd like some high quality, dense fake fur with a longish pile 3/4" - 2".
I'm in the UK, but overseas is fine.

I'm also looking for some cream fur of the same length and quality, as well as any tips on making skunk tails. 

Thanks n.n x

Current Mood: curious
Wednesday, March 4th, 2009
8:41 pm
Red Nose Day Fundraising with Kreek!

Once again I am using the power of Kreek to raise money for a noble cause. This time it's Red Nose Day!

To find details of what I am doing, and to sponsor me, please follow this link to my RND Page: http://www.myrednoseday.com/kreek

For more information about Red Nose Day visit www.rednoseday.com.

If you can donate any money at all, event if it's only a few pence, I would be extremely grateful. :)

Thanks for your support!

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008
1:01 pm

I'd like to say a huge thanks and a welcome to foxb , who's offered to take over this community!  I got a few offers but Foxb was the first, and as I know he's such an active suiter in this country I know he'll do a great job!

Cheers guys!  I'll continue watching this community but i'm no longer running it.  :P
Tuesday, November 25th, 2008
5:51 pm
( X posted to Fursuit )


This costume was made by me with the kind help of the UK fur furries.. Thank you all! It wouldn't be possible without you!

Pics right under here!Collapse )
Monday, November 24th, 2008
9:55 pm
Looking for a new maintainer
Hi guys! It's been over a year now since I had pretty much anything to do with fursuiting; I have too many other distractions in my life at the moment. This fox is getting married, buying a house, building a career and settling down. I'm not going to rule out the possibility that I'll come back to the hobby again, but more often than not it will be in a much smaller, localised way (local charity fundraising, which is pretty much the main appealing factor for me in dressing up in a big, silly, fuzzy costume and terrorising entertaining kids).

That said, would anyone be interested in taking over maintainership of this community? I think with someone much more active in the fursuiting community driving it, it could be a brilliant place, whereas at the moment it's a little on the quiet side!

I'm not going to delete this community if no-one wants to take over the reins; I'll just leave it to wander onwards at its own pace. But it would be a real shame if posting here ground to a halt due to inactivity.

So... who's up for it? :)

Current Mood: hopeful
Saturday, September 6th, 2008
6:35 pm
I spy.....

While I was on the London Eye :>
Sunday, July 20th, 2008
10:39 pm
Newbie fur :(
Any one out there from Worthing? I'm moving there in 8 weeks from Canada and would like to meet fellow furs.
Monday, July 14th, 2008
11:02 pm
Frost T. Wolf needs you! :P

The UK's very own miniwuff is up against Nevermint's "Jager" suit in the Fursuit tourney. Go here: http://community.livejournal.com/fursuittourney/36857.html  and show your support for the home team :P

Sunday, July 13th, 2008
1:19 pm
RBW 2008 Mini Party videos
Crossposted to londonfurs

Just a couple of videos I've uploaded to YouTube from the RBW mini party last night (12th July)

Current Mood: tired
Sunday, July 6th, 2008
12:34 pm
Fursuit Walk - Next weekend (12th July 08)
So i thought it might be nice to organise a fursuit walk this weekend. It will be in the style of the long walk that a lot of suiters went over when Yappy Fox was over last year from EF.

I have found a nice walk that takes in a lot of great sights but also features a number of places for breaks, refreshments, and offers a bit of shade. The walk takes us from The Tower of London, along the south bank, finishing at Westminster Abbey and should take about 3 hours. You can find out the route here but we will not be starting or finishing in same places.


The walk will start at 2:30 from 'The tower'. People should meet either at the pub at 2:00pm OR RIGHT HERE (Outside Tower Hill Tube) at 2:30pm.

The walk will then aim to finish by about 5:30pm at Westminster tube station. It may run fast or it may run slow. But we will try and make sure we don't go to fast for anyone or that we spend to long in one place.

Myself and a load others will then move onto the party in the evening over at Blackfriers. More details on the party can be found here!
There will be a load of fursuit friendly music as well as moving into other genres over the evening. Any ideas or suggestions then let me know here. ^_^

Current Mood: cheerful
Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008
11:58 am
Potters Bar Carnival - Sunday 8th June

Originally posted on the UKfur boards:

Just a local carnival run every year to raise money for the community, but awesome fun for fursuiters. I took part in the procession last year as Sable, and I was immensely popular! The procession travels through the town and ends up at the fete in Elm Court, which is also cool for fursuiting, if you have any energy left by that point!

My main reason for this topic is that I'm hoping to find a friend willing to accompany me while I'm in suit. This year I'm planning to enter the procession as either Kreek or Jem, but I can't do it unless I have somebody with me. It's a very busy environment, and the event has a habit of always falling on the hottest day of the year, so it's a bit scary to attempt alone.

Of course it would also be fantastic for people to come armed with cameras and video-cameras, but at this stage I'm not being fussy. =P Other suiters are of course more than welcome.

If you're interested, let me know and I will contact you individually with full details. Please be aware that I will need a definite yes or no from anyone interested by Friday at the latest.

Note: If you will need to use my house as a place to suit up, I'm afraid can only allow people that I know and trust. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I live with my parents and they would not appreciate a horde of strangers decending upon their home. If I don't know you personally, I will of course still provide you with all the info you need and help you as best I can, but you will have to make your own arrangements in terms of changing facilities and accommodation. 



Saturday, May 24th, 2008
6:02 pm
I'm Zoe (Skye if you want to use my fursona name. I'm not too fussy really.). I'm not an actual fursuiter as such, but I'm planning on making a fursuit/fursuit head in the near future. 
Dunno what else to say, just thought I should introduce myself. :)

Current Mood: relaxed
Thursday, May 22nd, 2008
3:29 pm
Furry article in Bizarre magazine
Today it was pointed out to me that there was an article about furries in the magazine Bizarre. I thought to myself, "oh great, another article about the bad side of the fandom." However I went out during my break and purchased a copy of the magazine because I wanted to read just what it said. I was very surprised. The article did not focus on the darker aspects of the fandom at all, and in fact showed us in a very nice light, mainly due to the fact that the reporter writing the article had been hanging out and talking with London Furs and had not sought out extreme individuals. To show what I mean here are a few exerts from the article, word for word :

"They're people who enjoy the concept of blending animal with human characteristics, and celebrate related art, literature and entertainment."

"For a limited number of furries, this interest has a sexual slant - and in the past the press has focused on extreme cases to create sensationalist stories."

"Yet radical furvert make up only a small minority of the hude internation Furry movement and assumptions spread by biased reporting have unfortunatly put a Watership Downer on the relatively innocent activities of the majority."

The article then goes on to describe the reporter's time spent with a group of furries as well as well as broaching many of the topics that the fandom is interested in.
I honestly recommend to anyone who can get it, to go out a grab a copy of this months Bizarre magazine and read an article with a difference that goes to show that the fandom is being accepted more and more by the world at large.

Current Mood: happy
Thursday, May 15th, 2008
9:51 pm
Just a quick question; How do you keep cool in fursuit? Some people have those bodysuits they wear underneath their fursuits; what are they made of and where's the best place to get them?
2:28 pm
Brighton Meet Up and Suiting
Right i think the plan is as follows (although chime in if there are problems) :-

If we meet at Brighton station at 1:30pm at the front where the busses are. This allows anyone who is intending to come down early some time to shp etc.
Isuggest that we then head back to mine (about 5 mins walk) to suit up etc and then head into the lanes.
Excellent photo ops and lots of cool shops.
From there we have several options depending on the weather which looks as if it is going to be changable but we shall see.

We can hit the beach and pier if the weather is good. Or the shopping centre if the weather is less amiable.
In fact, if the weather is too poor for any outside suiting then we can change at the centre as it has large clean facilities.

Current Mood: good to go
Friday, May 9th, 2008
3:50 pm
Brighton Festival
Right. This month is the Brighton Festival, a month of abstract art, comedy, music and madness.
The perfect environment for furrys to descend upon the wondeful town of Brighton (and I'm not just saying that coz I live here tongue.gif)

We are planning a big suit walk round the lanes, parks, beaches and anywhere else fun we can think of on the weekend of the
17th of May.

There is limited accomodation at mine for those wishing / needing to stay over.

Don't forget - we need spotters too, so if you fancy a weekend in glorious Brighton without a suit then you may well be in luck biggrin.gif

Post here or PM me if you're interested.


Current Mood: happy
Monday, April 28th, 2008
7:23 pm
Fursuit for sale
Lost time lurker, not many posts to my name though. This post isn't about me however, it's for my friend almiraswolf. She is cleaning out her closet and has a fursuit for sale:


Right now she is taking offers, so feel free to send an e-mail. The address is on her website:


This would be great for anyone new to fursuiting, or someone just looking to add to their collection.

Current Mood: anxious
Thursday, April 24th, 2008
12:37 pm
Heads up - Charity event at Longleat

Sponsored two-mile stroll through the beautiful grounds of Longleat. One of the Guide Dogs Association's biggest fundraisers, with thousands of walkers with and without dogs.

I thought this would be a brilliant chance for any South West-based canine suiters! In fact I'm ratehr tempted to brush off the old fox suit (or maybe finish off my badger suit-in-progess finally?) and come along. It's been a while since I made my fiance suffer as a handler. :P
Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008
2:12 pm
Party over here!
OK, this is technically fursuit related We are trying to win a competition for a free VIP party in London on the 9th of May with Moby.
Whom soever gets the most guests on their guestlist wins. It's that simple.

And it occurred to me that 500 fursuiters turning up to a top London club en-masse would be particularly special :D
So if any UK or Euro furs/fursuiters want to have an epic FREE fursuit party then sign on up.

Thursday, March 27th, 2008
9:10 pm
eBay seller with great fur.

I bought some of the Super Luxury Faux Fur Fabric - H - Long Pile Ivory and it's really soft with a firm backing. The shop sells fun fur too, but if you search for "fur -fun" then it should only come up with the good stuff.

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