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Fursuit Walk - Next weekend (12th July 08)

So i thought it might be nice to organise a fursuit walk this weekend. It will be in the style of the long walk that a lot of suiters went over when Yappy Fox was over last year from EF.

I have found a nice walk that takes in a lot of great sights but also features a number of places for breaks, refreshments, and offers a bit of shade. The walk takes us from The Tower of London, along the south bank, finishing at Westminster Abbey and should take about 3 hours. You can find out the route here but we will not be starting or finishing in same places.

The walk will start at 2:30 from 'The tower'. People should meet either at the pub at 2:00pm OR RIGHT HERE (Outside Tower Hill Tube) at 2:30pm.

The walk will then aim to finish by about 5:30pm at Westminster tube station. It may run fast or it may run slow. But we will try and make sure we don't go to fast for anyone or that we spend to long in one place.

Myself and a load others will then move onto the party in the evening over at Blackfriers. More details on the party can be found here!
There will be a load of fursuit friendly music as well as moving into other genres over the evening. Any ideas or suggestions then let me know here. ^_^
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