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UK Fursuiting is a community for fursuiting in the UK. Simple as that! Here is the place for information on fur and costuming supplies, local commisioners, meets, and any other information on fursuiting.

You don't have to be a UK residant to join, but please keep posting UK-related.

Also, please keep it clean. Adult themes will not be tolerated, and such posts will be removed without question.

Feel free to post lots and lots of photos, but please put large them behind a LJ cut. Think of those with dial-up!

General Fursuiting
fursuit is the place to start for general fursuiting information. The front page has many decent links to check out.

Local suppliers
Dunelm Mill has a great suppliy of quality fur fabrics, haberdahery stuff, foam, and most other things you'll need to start your suit.
alen-clothes.co.uk has fur fabric, and really cute costumes for children only (sadly)
Cheapfabrics.co.uk has some nice-looking patterned fur fabrics
Calicopie.co.uk is an online haberdashery, with some nice fur as well.
Design-a-Cushions supplies faux fur fabric for home decor, but can purchase buy the metre as well. Not just fun fur!
Ambassador textile some very nice faux fur and patterned fur. Some fur sold only by the roll sadly.
Faux Thows sell faux fur fabic, quite expensive but very realistic.

People who do commissions

Other communities